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An attempted review of Adrian Selby’s Snakewood

An attempted review of Adrian Selby’s Snakewood

Introductory notes: everyone who knows me knows (see what I did there 😉 ) I’m not really good at reviewing anything. Mostly I spoil the living daylights out of the thing, people cringe, while I wave my arms about and express my feelings about said thing. I could be better if I bothered to practice more. So I’m practicing and doing one now, in English. Brace yourselves, ye’ve been warned. 🙂

I first heard about Adrian Selby’s debut book Snakewood while reading an article on io9 about the best fantasy and science fiction books that were coming out in March. I was intrigued by the rather short summary of the book, so I typed the name of the book and the author in an Evernote file along with the publishing date and continued on with life. Somewhere after Easter I remembered to check said file, got the book and transferred it to my Nook. I wasn’t planning on reading it just yet, since 1) it wasn’t on The List (yes, I do make lists about the things I want to read, and the order I would like to read them. And yes, more times the not The List is ignored.) and 2) I was already reading a history book on the Nook that I wanted to finish before starting on anything new.

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