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Review: A Million Years in a Day

Review: A Million Years in a Day

Hello dear reader(s) and welcome back to another weekend instalment of Nessa reads and reviews! At the beginning of the month I posted my December reading list and Greg Jenner’s A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Daily Life has been one of my picks. Side note: if you’re wondering how that’s coming along – I’m actually doing rather well. I just have to finish one and a half book and I can cross everything of the list. The reviewing portion of the process is a little slower as usual. 🙂 Getting back to A Million Years in a Day, I finished it a few days ago and I finally have the afternoon off to type my thoughts about the book. Unfortunately, because I hurt my back a few days ago, there won’t be a lot of photos. And quite frankly the book looks like it’s been through 2 world wars 😀 because I’ve been lugging it my backpack for a week. So perhaps it’s better you don’t see the state of it 🙂

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