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Review: Edwin Weaver series

Review: Edwin Weaver series

Hello dear reader(s)! I hope you are doing well and that you’ve somehow managed to cope with the heat. If like me you just want this heat wave to be over, hold fast. As they say: this too shall pass. Until then distract yourself with another summer instalment of Nessa reads books and writes reviews (NRBWR). I really should come up with a better title for this, or at least a shorter one… Nessa reads and reviews? What do you think about that? Well it’s short and to the point, so I should keep it. But onward to the review.

As is the case with almost any book that I read, I stumbled into Catherine Hanley’s Edwin Weaver series by accident. If I remember correctly historian Greg Jenner retweeted Hanley’s tweet about the publication of her latest Edwin Weaver novel, and down the Google hole I went. 🙂 Intrigued by the synopsis I downloaded a free chapter of the 1st book in the series The Sins of the Father on my e-reader (Kobo Aura H2O 2nd edition if you were curious) and started reading just to see if it would interest me enough to start the series. Spoiler alert: it did. 🙂 I bought the whole series and dug in.

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