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Review: The Keiko Series

Review: The Keiko Series

Hello dear reader(s) and welcome to another instalment of Nessa reads books and writes reviews (NRBWR). Today I’m going to introduce you to one of my favourite SF adventure series written by Mike Brooks. Brook’s Keiko Series so far consist of 3 books: Dark Run, Dark Sky and Dark Deeds and hopefully more are coming. *fingers crossed* If you’re wondering what this series is all about here’s a best one-liner explanation that I’ve read in this BookRiot article:

If Firefly and The Expanse had a love-child, it would read something like Brooks’ Keiko novels.

So if you miss that TV show (like we all do) and still hold a grudge against FOX for cancelling it, you’re going to love the Keiko Series and the motley crew lead by captain Ichabod Drift and his partner Tamara Rourke.

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