Bookshelf corner chat: Interliber 2018 and TBR pile

21 Nov
Bookshelf corner chat: Interliber 2018 and TBR pile

Hello dear reader(s) and welcome back to the blog! Today I completed my Goodreadsbook challenge by finishing my 50th book for this year and I just wanted to have a casual chat about everything and anything book related. 🙂 I usually don’t do chatty blog posts, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about writing a few lines about the books or series that I’m currently reading or planning to read. Or just typing up a reading list for the upcoming month and posting it on the blog so I can stick to it and not start books and series willy-nilly. I’m notorious for starting something, than putting it on hold because I stumbled upon something that currently intrigued me and started reading that because the mood hit me and so on.

There’s only so much hours in the day and I want to be more organised with my reading. Although structuring and planning reading time by making reading lists looks more like a military operation than a fun activity (that’s what reading is supposed to be), there is method to my madness. 😀 Like all passionate readers and book lovers I have a “to read list” that’s a mile long (the one on Goodreads is currently at 246 books and counting), and I constantly keep finding interesting new stuff to read. Filtering things and setting reading priorities by making some sort of reading list (and sticking to them) is the only way you’re ever going read and avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of TBR (to be read) pile.

So that’s exactly what I decided to do for the upcoming month of December. I’m still musing on what to put on it, but Barbara Nadel’s Inspector Ikmen series that I’ve starter reading is definitely on the list! I’ve read 3 books out of 20 and they’re really interesting and humorous and the main protagonists are just too darn likable so you just have to care for them! 😀 I also need to finish reading the 2ndinstalment of Tanja Radman’s Lex Legis series Republika Smrtnika. I’ve started it and I’m really excited to read it, but I kind of don’t want to read it too fast because if I do, there’s nothing from the series to read until she publishes the 3rd book and that’s a long way off… Yeah the reader struggles are real. 🙂

Speaking of reader struggles, last weekend I went to Zagreb for my 1st ever Interliber book fair. I’ve never personally attended before, since the fair is held in November when I usually had university obligations or I was just too broke to travel to Zagreb. 🙂 That’s life for ya folks. But somebody would always go and I would ask that person to get me a book or books I really wanted and we’d made the exchange when that person got back to Split. But this year thanks to regular income, employment and normal working hours I managed to go to Interliber in person along with my friends. It was a fun experience, despite the crowds of people that came because it was the weekend, the PM and his entourage along with the horde of camera crews and reporters that followed him,which we avoided like the plague and the heating that was cranked up like we were in Siberia… I still did a pretty good book haul, despite the laughable discounts some publishers had, although Atibarbarus and Golden Marketing did have amazing discounts on their edition so I managed to snag some really awesome history books.

Interliber 2018 book haul – a lot of history books and a bit of Tad Williams

I bought something for my niece and nephew, I’m not sure if it’s exactly for their age group (they’re 5 and a half years old), but they did seem to enjoy the stories about rebel women when I read them later that day. Hopefully they’ll continue to ask my brother to read those stories to them. If not I can always read the book when I go visit. 🙂

Priče za laku noć za mlade buntovnice – the storybooks I bought for my niece and nephew

Furthermore,on Thursday – the day before I went to Zagreb, I mentioned on Twitter that I was still waiting for my preorder from Bookdepository of Peter Frankopan’s The New Silk Roads and lo and behold when I got home from work the book was waiting for me on my desk. 🙂 And now with the Putovi Svile – the Croatian translation of the illustrated edition of The Silk Roads I have new editions to the family. 🙂 I’ll be definitely reading and reviewing Putove Svile in December just in time for you to decide if you want to get this book for your kid(s) or relatives as a Christmas/New Year/Holliday gift.

The Silk Roads family

And finally, Interliber helped me to complete my Croatian Tad Williams collection! See photo below. I was missing 2 books and now I have them all! Yes, I’m a huge fan, no shame and don’t they just look amazing on my shelf! I believe all the covers are by Michael Whelan who is one of my favourite illustrators! You can check out his work here. And the complete works of Tad Williams in Croatian will be reread in the 1st quarter of 2019. It’s my New Year resolution. 😀

          The complete Croatian translation of Tad Williams’ works

To wrap this longer than expected post up 🙂 after getting back from Zagreb I sorted my bookshelf out and I have sadly concluded that I have no more room for physical books any more. So I’m in a book buying ban phase for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t include e-books, God love them 😀 , but I’ll be focusing more on reading through the pile of books on my bookshelves before I start buying more books. Fingers crossed 🙂 Until next time dear reader(s) I’ll see you in the comments below or on Twitter.

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